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Beach Ceremony Rentals at Weddings by the Sea

Weddings by the Sea is the PREFFERED WEDDING RENTAL SERVICE in Cape May County. For the past 20+ years we have painstakingly forged reciprocal alliances with virtually every reception site in Cape May by providing efficient, timely, creative rental services delivered with integrity and caring personal attention. We OWN ALL OF OUR EQUIPMENT – which means we do not rely upon outside rental companies or subcontractors to deliver equipment to us.  Every rental is individually contracted and confirmed before scheduling for your special day. We are not perfect – but we sure try to be! And if we make a mistake you can be assured to receive instant restitution and our sincere apologies

We rent ceremony SEATING (chairs) for sand or land, ceremony arbors, our fabulous 16’ tall white or light pink
feather banners, sand pouring ceremony tables and linen/cloth sets (sand sets and colored sand available at
The Wedding Shoppe), added decor for arbors and chairs, shepherd hooks, and more.

Your guests came a long way for you. Make them comfortable at your beach or outdoor ceremony. The officiate, photographer and musicians will also thank you for providing the order necessary for a smooth ceremony. It looks so much better in your precious photographs too.

We often are asked why you need seating for a beach ceremony when the actual ceremony is only 30 minutes long. First of all, guests will be on the beach for about one hour total. That is why we strongly recommend that you provide every guest a chair for a ceremony on the beach, in a pavilion, garden or any outdoor setting. Guests standing in clumps can look very messy and chaotic, especially on the beach. You need a well defined aisle for the bride, bridal party and officiate so that they know where to stand. And parents need designated front row seats to witness their loved-ones ceremony. It can also look cheap. Would you ask guests to stand in a church or chapel? And most importantly your photographer will be able to capture those priceless photos without interference.

Word of Caution: We have 20+ years experience on the beaches in Cape May and pride ourselves in providing the friendliest most organized expert service anywhere. Don’t be fooled by inexpensive/ inexperienced services that may be using flimsy metal folding chairs or unstable benches. They can be extremely dangerous in the soft sand and are prone to tipping and collapsing. Keep your family and guests safe, comfortable and enjoy your beach ceremony.

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Ceremony / Event Rentals Equipment inventory Options & Descriptions

Land/Sand/Beach $4.00 per chair, plus 6.625% sales tax, 20 chair/$80 minimum.
Includes delivery, set-up and breakdown. ($1 additional for premium locations and
delivery outside Cape May City)
   • High quality ivory folding for hard surfaces - up to 70 quantity only;
   • White one-piece molded with arm rests for over 70 quantity, all surfaces.
Wedding Feather Banners:

16’ tall 3˝’ wide, white or light pink nylon feather  banners on telescopic poles.

Great for heralding the street entrance, lining the aisle or flanking the ceremony location.

$50 each, minimum 2 with chair rental; $65 &  $75 without rental. Very photogenic!
Arbors & Canopies:

White curled iron archway w/seashell garland and added shell clusters. $200.
Natural Wood 2-Dimensional 2 pole arbor with sheer scarves and starfish and
raffia accents. (7’ high / 6’wide) $250
Natural Wood 3-Dimensional 4 pole arbor/canopy/huppah style with sheer scarves
and starfish and raffia accents. (7’ high / 6’wide / square) $350

Sheer Scarves in choice of antique (taupe), cream (ivory), or white
Sand Pouring Unity Ceremony Table:

27” with White/Ivory Linen Cloth

Decorative white metal on stand with ribbon rose and seashell accents.
42' high / $50 per day. Includes delivery and pick-up in Cape May City only.
Rented And Supplied Decorations; Set-up and Remove
$20 and up.

(Shells Scattered on the Aisle, Bows on Aisle Chairs, Tulle Accents, etc. Renter supplies materials.)

For Rent:
Shepherd Hooks (up to 10) - $50

Starfish & Raffia Chair Hangers - $25
Ivory/White Silk Rose & Ivy Vine with Ribbon Chair Bows - $25

Large Starfish Stacked on Aisle Chair Legs - $25
White Shimmer Bows with Streamers - $25

Plus Installation & Removal - $25
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Rental Contract Terms, Details And Refund Policy

Because the public sites allow for 30 minutes maximum for ceremonies we have established a rental service to accommodate the fast turn-around of set-up and breakdown of chairs, decorations, feather banners, arbors and utility tables. Our Chairman (Catherine’s husband Randy) and his crew are experts at on site timely delivery, set-up and breakdown of your custom order at exactly the time you designate and in compliance with City requirements. Set-Up Time: Chair set-up is scheduled for 30 minutes prior to ceremony earliest. Chair breakdown: Immediately following ceremony. 1 hour maximum rental.

And In Case of Inclement Weather we offer alternate set-ups at your reception site. We work closely with the reception site managers and owners to accommodate your needs while making the transition as smooth as possible under the immediate circumstances. All Rentals are Non-Refundable: In case of inclement weather a suitable indoor or protected area may be substituted upon request and with sufficient notice to ensure delivery and set-up. We reserve the right to deny any request for venue change due to scheduling conflicts. No credits or refunds will be issued for change of venue, inclement weather or cancellation. Wedding Insurance Information

The Most Frequently Asked Question “What Happens if It Rains? Do We Get a Refund?” WbtSea understands your dilemma and we want you to understand ours too! We want your wedding day to be as perfect as possible on the beach in Cape May. But we cannot control the weather. We can guarantee your particular rental on your wedding day at your location and time. We do not over book your date or timeslot in the hopes that we are successful with a few. That is why we have guaranteed rental contracts. History has shown us that you have about a 97% chance of a successful beach wedding – all things considered – wind, rain, temperature (heat/cold). We also must close-out rentals on specific dates because we cannot handle every rental. That is why we are the PREFERRED RENTAL SERVICE in Cape May County. The reception sites – with a few exceptions – will be your back-up ceremony location in case Mother Nature does not cooperate. (Some reception sites charge for ceremony set-ups regardless of whether you have contracted with WbtSea.) Generally, the reception sites work closely with WbtSea to rearrange furniture, clear porches, lobbies, and ballroom/dining areas to accommodate our equipment. And we can make the decision with you and the reception site within a few hours – and sometimes within less than an hour – to move the ceremony to an alternate site. If we were to provide an option to cancel 24 hours ahead of time – you would be left with no chance whatsoever of having your beautiful beach wedding. It becomes an impossible situation.

Payment Details:  All rentals must be confirmed and paid in full at least 30 days prior to rental date. 50% deposit required with booking. All rentals (counts) become final 30 days prior to event date. Rental count increases and additions will be considered on availability basis. Weddings by the Sea cannot guarantee bookings on unconfirmed or unpaid orders.

within Cape May City limits. A Premium applies for set-ups on Mt. Vernon Beach**, outside Cape May City, set-up more than 50 feet past dunes/snow fence, holiday set-ups, banners / arbor / table set-ups without a chair rental or when you are working with any other rental company.

Disclaimer: WbtSea assumes absolutely no liability for personal injury or property loss related to any WbtSea rental. Renter may be charged for lost, stolen or misused equipment and/or damage caused directly by renter’s guests.

**A Frequently Asked QuestionMt Vernon Beach Rentals Premium

The premium for Mt Vernon Beach is necessary because of the great distance required for delivery including the considerable extra time it takes to cart chairs a section at a time from the base of Mt Vernon Avenue up the ramp, across the wooden deck, down through the dune break and onto the beach – and the breakdown time and distance to retrieve all equipment in reverse after each ceremony.

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Ceremony Locations

Sunset Pavilion, All Beach Avenue Entrances (Provide Cross-Street Name), Mt Vernon Dune Walk / Deck (Wildlife Refuge), Bandstand Gazebo, Kiwanis Park Gazebo, Harbor View Park Pavilion, Hotel, Home Garden, Porches, Parlors, Other Outdoor Area. Out-of-Town Locations upon request. We will deliver to the Wildwoods, Stone Harbor, Avalon, Sea Isle, North Cape May and Lower Twp Locations. Out-of-Town Locations upon request.

Permits: Renters must obtain all necessary permits from City and/or State Agencies. For Cape May City – visit and click on Ceremonial Arrangements – choose your date, beach location or public site and timeslot and request your permit. A $25 permit fee may apply.

Set-Up Options: We have standard ocean facing set-ups. Special requests always considered. Half-Moon & V Rows with Straight or Flared Aisle available upon request and contingent on location limitations. Let us design a beautiful customized set-up just for you. We also ask you to tell us how many chairs are required for the first row on both the bride’s and groom’s side for parents and immediate family. We recommend that only POB (Parents of the Bride) and POG (Parents of the Groom) be seated in the first row. This way there are no empty/unused seats in the first row. And yes we do try to think of everything.  

Requests: Click here for Rentals Contract Request Form on the Contact Us Page, Call 609-884-7900 or E-Mail your rental request to:

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Weddings by the Sea ~ Top 20 Beach Wedding Tips
Licensing – State law requires that all who marry in NJ must  provide a marriage license issued in a NJ municipality.  Call the City Clerk’s Office at 609-884-9530 for details. 
Permits – Scheduling with the City is necessary for use of public facilities. Visit and click on Ceremonial Arrangements to schedule and request a permit for your ceremony date, location and timeslot. A $25 permit fee may apply.
What to Wear on the Beach? Brides wear all styles, lengths and colors, with or without trains and veils. Shoes are left on the promenade or beach entrance. Grooms keep their shoes on – it’s a guy thing. Consider bringing a bucket of paint brushes (the dollar store) for between the toes sand removal before strapping on those heels. Prevents walking and dancing blisters.
Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse. Preferably at the ceremony location. Don’t show up at your own wedding and encounter chaos.
Do not under any circumstances watch The Weather Channel the week of the wedding. Let a designated person do it. Enjoy yourselves. The weather will be what it is. Make the best of it. It makes your wedding day story unique.
Assign someone you trust – preferably not a bridal party member – and give them total responsibility and authority to make the decision the day of the wedding to change the ceremony location in case of inclement weather. This person will tell you and the groom where you are now going to be married – but only if necessary.
Be on time. The day goes by so fast. Everyone is happier, especially you, if you have more time for those beach photos and more time at the reception. Be on time.
The No No No don’t go there list – No runners on the sand. They are treacherous and only make good wind sails. No PA systems or microphones. Let the ocean waves break and the breeze blow for the best sound affects. The officiate knows how to project. Ask readers to speak-up.
Memoriams – Consider readings, a dove release and that special song, ringing little bells, bubbles or a single flower toss at sea off the rock jetty after the ceremony with the officiate. Honor absent, deceased or seriously ill family and friends.
Sand Pouring Ceremonies – What a wonderful way to symbolically unite two families with children from previous relationships into one new entity without intimidating the young ones. It is something they will always remember. And it is fun too! Each one gets to pour their own personal sand color.
Save unity candle services for the reception. Do it with the blessing before dinner. Wind and strong breezes can make it difficult on the beach. Do a sand pouring ceremony instead. Make the most of the beach and the sand.
Provide every guest a chair for the ceremony. Don’t ask your guests to stand in clumps on the beach. It looks very messy and chaotic. It can also look cheap. Provide an aisle for the bride, bridal party and parents. Your guests came a long way for you. Make them comfortable at your beach wedding.
Protocol on the beach – Assign the groomsmen to ask the guests to be seated on the beach before the bride gets to the promenade or beach. Guests mean well, but get excited at the sight of the bride. Let her enter in peace and calm to the processional.
Be sure to coordinate your officiate and your musicians before the ceremony so that you are not the one queuing the processional, readings, musical interludes, sand pouring, dove releases and recessionals at your own ceremony. Remember once the officiate takes over the ceremony he/she has control of the guests, bridal party and musicians. Another reason to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.
Rings – first check before leaving hotel rooms. And keep them in small ring pouches rather than bulky ring boxes. Try not to drop them in the sand. Do not give the real rings to a ring bearer on the beach. Tie fakes to the ring pillow.
Let your parents enjoy your wedding day with you. Don’t make them work. The bridal party is supposed to help with everything first, then look beautiful, handsome and have a good time second. That’s why they call them BridesMAIDS and GROOMSmen.
Give the Groom and the Best Man a roll of quarters for the parking meters. Encourage car pooling. Parking can be limited.
Bring a cooler to the beach filled with ice, bottled water and rolled wash cloths (the dollar store again). Great for hot days, trolley, the ceremony, and beach photos in the sun.
If the weather does not cooperate don’t forget to notify the officiate, the carriage, trolley, limo, the ceremony musicians, the videographer and photographer. They are not psychic.
Most important of all is to….Have Fun on Your Wedding Day! 
Photos courtesy:  Tina Markoe - and Tim Maggio -